To stand up to the evil,
With the same ease you give up to the good;

To always do the right thing,
Even when no-one is watching you;

To spot an opportunity,
In almost all the problems you confront;

To take upon the self, the initiative and responsibility,
To make things happen;

To have absolute faith in self,
Even when everyone lose theirs in you;

To stand firm with courage,
When you stand alone;

To accept with love,
What is done to you in hate;

To always ‘play to win’
And never play ‘not-to-lose’;

To learn from mistakes,
And not to repeat them;

To forgive with gentleness,
What cruel is done in ignorance;

To contribute to someone,
Who you know cannot repay you;

To better get worn out,
Than to get rusted out;

Is to have lived a day,
Worthy of a sound sleep;

Is to have led a life,
Worthy of a proud DEATH!


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