Seldom does it happen that the human beings get killed or defeated in the climax of any movie. But in this one, you will not only get to see this but also cheer and rejoice the act. It is for this thrill that AVATAR, written and directed by James Cameroon is worth its money.

Anybody who wondered what took the director of TITANIC, a decade to make this movie must watch it for Pandora. The mystic land is replete with everything that one can imagine – flora that glows in the dark, hammer headed rhinos, shining wolves, colorful dragons, floating mountains, exotic waterfalls and what not. If the LOTR was full of serene landscapes, Avatar goes few steps beyond. Every frame of the video is rich with stunning details. You cannot help but notice the vividness of the forest and I am sure that it will linger around long after one would have left the movie hall.

The movie is not just a visual spectacle but is also good food for thought. The 162 minutes of runtime is full of hard hitting metaphors and messages. For instance, look out for repeated instances of the Na’vi’s connecting with other animals on the planet. They form a bond (literally) with trees, horses and even what looks like dragons. Even the tree roots of are shown to be bonded with each other forming more complex interconnections that that inside the human brain. Cameroon also points out the greed of humans and the dumbness in their action. Watch out for the ironic phrases like “Either they are with us or against us” and “pre-emptive attack is our only option” that serve as flagrant reminders for human arrogance and utter disregard to the others.

That’s not all; the movie also has a love story intertwined with it. Jake, who sets foot on Pandora as a spy gradually, appreciates the tradition and conviction of the natives that is deep rooted in the ecological harmony and peace. He gradually becomes his Avatar and takes a stand against his own race. What follows is a beautifully choreographed fight sequence.

To sum it up, the movie is about the victory of the righteous against the greedy intruders. The story is told through the perspective of a person who starts from the side of the oppressor and later has a change in heart. The movie is an engaging watch both visually and content wise.

I give it a 4/5.

ps: This review won a prize in the “Readers’ Review Contest” held on CNN-IBN (judged by Rajeev Masand).

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