His head was severed. As the head rolled on the ground and the light started to fade from the eyes, the sheep couldn’t help recollect every chance his life gave him to become a wolf.
He was born unique, just like every other lamb in the world. His dreams and aspirations were unlike any other lamb. Then, he and his friends were admitted to an education system. Years after sitting through the same lecture, all the lambs adopted similar thought process. Sooner than he knew he was thinking and living on the same lines of his friends. But that was alright, he was doing better than his friends. So, he felt he was extraordinary.
He graduated from the education system and it was time for him to explore every pasture that he dreamt of. But, he sought the advice 100 others on what he should do, who happened to have lead a life that 100 others had told them to. He ended up confused and decided to follow a bunch who were following few others. Few years down the line, he looked back to see that he was part of a big herd. But, it was okay. He was among the forerunners of the herd. He felt he was extraordinary.
Every opportunity that his life gave him to assert his individuality, he chose to blend with the mob. He wasn’t a coward, he simply wanted to play it safe. But, of course, he did not know it. Not yet, that it is a bunch of extra ordinaries who choose to remain ordinary that maketh the herd. 
Every opportunity life gave him to be whatever-he-was, he squandered it to become one among his peers. He spoke and lived their life just to be heard and understood. Now, it drew upon his severed head, that you’ll still remain a RAT, even if you win the RAT-RACE. He wished, if only he’d stood up once for what he believed. If only he had held his own in a room full of conformists, his life could’ve been something else altogether. He could’ve been someone else altogether too – a wolf.. or even a lion..
But then, none of that would matter now. His head was 10 foot away from the rest of his body and the only thing the connected the two was his own blood spilled all over the floor. He had no regret, no remorse for what happened to him. With a faint smile on his lips, he bid adieu to his little un-extraordinary life. 
Article by – Jayanth Jagadeesh

18 Replies to “Lil lamb learns his last lesson”

  1. Nice one Jayanth :).. Not everybody ralise that they are special in thier own way, instead they run behind something thats not meant for them and end up imitating others. Wish if only all try to identify the uniqueness in them the world will be much better place. There will be no impersonators 🙂

  2. its just d way u lk @ thngs..here d sheep hs cynical view.. hw abt d green pastures it s gt 2 graze..hw whn u compare wid a pig which lives in gutters bt perhaps meets d same fate..hw abt d hen tat nvr came outa cage..hw abt d lion tats trappd in circus…1 cn hve thr own arguements on even these bt wld jst depend on….u knw wat!

  3. Well written.. well it takes a lot to be extraordinary and who does stands out of ordinary.As Subhodeep said its just d way we lk @ things, positive or negative!..Keep blogging ..:)

  4. @ Subho & Smita : Very true. I've just put forth one isolated case of the Lamb who wanted to be something else but did nothing about it.

  5. the lamb should know that you live only once,which is the most important for all to know,so instead of negative though let it have positive thoughts,that death is only a way to change your clothes.

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