With 12 Oscar nominations, The King’s Speech leads the pack in the race to the coveted black beauties. The movie revolves around the Duke of York (Colin Firth) who has a speech problem; his wife (Helena Carter) and Lionel (Geoffrey Rush) – the speech defector.

The best part of the movie, is undoubtedly, Colin Firth’s performance as stuttering Duke who goes on to to become King George VI. Colin strikes a perfect balance between being an assertive angry king and the stutterer with low confidence.

Helena play’s the role of Queen Elizabeth who is supportive and proud of her husband in spite of his condition. She encourages her husband to seek professional assistance and eventually introduces him to Lionel Logue.

Geoffrey Rush is cast as Lionel, a speech therapist known for his unconventional and uncompromising means of treating his patients. Lionel helps the king confront the causes that lead to his condition, instills confidence and helps in overcoming the condition. The two characters bulild a strong friendship over time. The relationship between the King and Lionel  forms the crux and also the most affable part of the movie.

Watch out for that spectacular scene in which Colin Firth discusses his personal life with Lionel. Unable to speak and unwilling to contain, he partially sings and swears to get his thoughts and sentiments out. That one scene alone explains Colin Firth’s claim for the year’s best performance.

The movie is an engaging easy watch; one that spares the audience of any heavy philosophy or message within it.

My Verdict: Watch it for one of the spectacular performances of the year in a lead role.

My Rating: 3.5/5 

ps: This Movie Review was adjudged a winner at Masand’s Verdict by CNN IBN (link

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