Black Swan is one of the most intriguing movies one will get to see this year. The Director, Darren Aronofsky delivers the perfect concoction of Art, Drama, Suspense and Hysteria. Black Swan has everything in it to become the Dark Horse on the Oscar Night.

The plot revolves around New York City ballet company and their opening production of the new season, “Swan Lake”. Much to the envy of other ballerinas, the artistic director, Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) chooses Nina Sassey (Natalie Portman) to play the leading role. 
Nina is a typical innocent ‘Sweet Girl’ and someone who has worked her way up through discipline and hard work. The role of the Swan Queen was all she ever dreamt of and is determined to make the act perfect.

The act of Swan Queen has two aspects; one of the White Swan and the other of the Black Swan. While, Nina is all perfect as the graceful White Swan, Leroy doubts if she can do justice to the dark side as well. While she has all the grace and charm to play the White Swan, can she play the alter ego?

Dedicated to make the act perfect, Nina is forced to shed her innocence and the image of ‘sweet girl’ to embrace the dark side. There is also Lily (Mila Kunis) who is naturally perfect as the Black Swan and someone Nina fears will steal the role away from her.

Pushed too much by exhaustion and fear of not being perfect, Nina loses control of herself; or at least her mind and falls into a world of surreal. Alonofsky builds an effective world of surrealism with essence of violence, sex and drugs that confuse Nina just as much as the audience. The climax is surprising and unfolds brilliantly keeping the audience at the edge of their seats till the last line.

Two aspects of the movie are truly remarkable that makes the viewing all the more special. The direction and Natalie’s portrayal of Nina. Natalie looks and dances exactly like as a ballerina. The choreography is excellent and Natalie’s portrayal of Nina, her innocence, fear and anxiety is definitely a leading contender for the Oscar.

My Verdict: Movie is thoroughly intriguing, quite literally till the last line.
My Rating: 4.5/5

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