Life reminds us of it’s invaluable lessons in mysterious ways. I refreshed my lessons at this addictive game of Angry Birds. If you don’t know what it is, it may help to read one of my earlier posts ‘Angry Birds – The addiction‘.
This article draws parallel between the game and life. If there were lessons to be learnt from the game, these would be my pick…


1. Acknowledge and understand your obstacles

Pretending that the problems don’t exist and procrastinating has never helped. The first step is to acknowledge the problem and understand it. As Robert Frost has said, “The best way out of a difficulty is through it“. The obstacles come in different forms; just as wood, steel and glass in the game. Also, they could confront us as one big challenge made up of all the individual obstacles.

2. Know your birds well and what they can do for you 

The key to success is playing by one’s strength. To do that one has to know his cards well. Invest time in understanding your key strengths. Just like a piano; once tuned cannot be played forever. It requires tuning often to be in the best of shape. Hone your strengths frequently.


3. There is a bird for every obstacle

There is a bird for every obstacle just as there is a work around for every problem in life. However complex the obstacles look, there is always a way to overcome them. The trick is to breakdown the challenges into its constituent obstacles and address each one with the appropriate means. It is not hard to understand that the different obstacle takes different approach to beat. Play to your strengths. Break the wood, splatter the glass or blow up the concrete – use the appropriate means for each problem.

4. Make the most of opportunities (Explosive power)

Somewhere hidden among all the rubble and chaos are opportunities in our lives. Just the kind that can make your life far more exciting and easier. Keep an eye out for them. Make that extra effort to get them. Nailing these opportunities will help in achieving more than what is seems possible.

5. Teamwork is still the best strategy

One hammer has never fit all the needs; however big it may be. In a team game one has to play with their strength and towards the common goal. Use your birds judiciously. Every bird has a purpose and the key to winning the game lies in approaching the obstacles in strategic moves.

6. Perseverance is all it takes

Have you had a feeling that you’ve been trying hard but the results aren’t coming. Are you struck in that elusive rounds wherein, you’ve felt that there ought to have been one more bird at hand. What will you do in life if you were in one such situation. Will you push it or simply quit? What we persevere at becomes easy. Not that the task becomes easier; our ability to do so gets increased.

7. Innovation -There has to be another way out

If one thing that Angry Birds teach us is that there is more than one way to do things. It is perhaps the best take away from the game. The feeling of learning an easier way to accomplishing things is invaluable; more so after persevering hard at something. In a way, perseverance leads to innovation.

8. After all, it’s just a game and life is just a ride

All said and done; its just a game. Lie too, in the end, is not worth taking too seriously. Try not to control everything in life. Let go; explore things and enjoy the ride. Play safe and enjoy your game .. er.. your life.

Let me know how much you enjoy your game …

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  1. Hi Kevin. Thanks for dropping by and sharing Ur thoughts. Very true, an acknowledgment and intent to confront them is most essential.

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