The third installment of MIB is refreshingly new and surprises you with an engaging plot that goes beyond just one-liners, space guns and alien busting. 

The challenge with making sequels to cult movie franchisee is two fold. Firstly, the style of film-making should be consistent with the prequels; the loyal fans of the franchisee like it that way. Secondly, there ought to be something new in the sequel. The director Barry Sonnenfeld strikes this fine balance too well in Men in Black 3

Boris-The Animal (Jemaine Clement), an alien convict escapes from the max-security lunar prison. He reaches earth and vows to go back in time and kill Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) who shot off one of his arms and put him in the prison for 40 years. Agent J (Will Smith) goes back in time to the good old hippie-days to stop Boris, and more importantly, save his friend and partner. Oh yes, as ever the world needs to be saved as well. 
Lets review the list of expected things first. It’s been 10 years since the last MIB. But that doesn’t show up one bit in the  chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. 
However, the best performance in the movie comes from Josh Brolin (the younger Agent K). The casting is so perfect here that you’ll end up enjoying every moment younger Agent K is on screen and comparing him with the elder Tommy Lee Jones. In fact, of-age-J and younger-K interactions forms some of the best moments of the movie. 
The alien creatures in MB3 are grotesque than ever to say the least. There are plenty of action and chase sequences. While they are not the best we’ve seen in recent times (read Avengers), at least it justifies the viewing pleasure in 3D. In the end, MIB3 does not stand out because of the action, aliens or the time travel plot. The secret ingredient is something else. 

The real surprise, the charm of MIB3 is in the human angle to the lives of the  Secret Agent story. For the first time, MIB franchisee explores the dynamics of the relationship between it’s lead characters. The plot delves into Agent K’s dialogue, “Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to”. In addition to it, 
the time travel lends additional insights and interest to the popular characters. 

The best however, is saved for the climax that is intertwined with a significant moment of human history and sort of connects the dots of MIB franchise. 

My Verdict: MIB3 is not an absolute watch. But, in all probability, you may like it.  

My Rating: 7/10 

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  1. Good review Jayanth. I had a lot of fun with this flick and was a lot better than the second one, that's for sure. It was also great to see Will Smith back in action on the big-screen after 4 years away from it. 4 YEARS!!

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