Based on a novel by the same name,‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ takes the concept of fantasy to a whole new level of silliness. Directed by Timur Bekmambetov and is co-produced by Tim Burton, this movie narrates the nonexistent secret life of the the 16th President of the United States. Walk into this one only If you’re looking for some cheap thrills and have a stomach for blood and gore.

The plot is devoid of intelligence or wit except for the tagline, ‘You’re either a patriot or a vampire‘ – reminiscent of a very similar statement by another contemporary US president.

The young Abraham watches his mother die of unexplained symptoms. He grows up to learn that vampires are not a myth but a reality walking the streets alongside men. Driven by vengeance, he sets out to find the one particular vampire and kill it. In the process, AB befriends Henry Sturgess (played by Dominic Cooper) who teaches him the fine-art of the AXE and vampire hunting. Henry also convinces AB that it’s not all about personal vendetta but fighting for a bigger cause. However, after the personal revenge AB retires to nation building. 
Silly enough; one fine day, the ruling elite of the vampires decide that it’s about time they had an entire nation for themselves. All at a time when US citizen are busy fighting the civil-war. So, the now-president is forced into one last show-down. In between all this is Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead); AB’s love interest and Henry’s own little secret.

First of all, let’s extend the axe it’s due credit. As evident from the trailers, the movie is more about the fine-art of the axe than the president himself. With 3D and a budget of 69 million dollars, Timur-Burton duo have created plenty of camera-wow-moments.

Clearly, this movie is an indulgent extravagance for those that relish close combat, blood spills, vampire slaying, knives and the fine-art of it. Apart from this, movie fails in every other department. Benjamin Walker looks appealing as older Lincoln; only in costume and posture. However, the dual lives of the Abraham Lincoln is neither consistent nor convincing. Dominic Cooper is the pick among the cast with a charming screen presence.

If you’re looking for morals or the struggle of one man or the struggle of a nation; sorry there isn’t any of these. Timur-Burton specialize in a very specific skill-sets. there is plenty of that and nothing more. 

In the end, either you walk out with curses for the production team or deep appreciation for the axe and all that it can do.

Rating: 6/10. The rating is only an acknowledgement of the technical brilliance; no reflection of the plot or its intelligence.

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